Two Dollar Salad are:

Mastered by legendary Toto drummer, Simon Phillips

Those Fabulous Furry Crouton Brothers, Two Dollar Salad, have just released a stonking new CD and get this: it`s been mastered by none other than the legendary Toto drummer, Simon Phillips who described the band as “very cool”! Straight from the Salad Tray in the fridge in fact, Si!!

Have a listen and enjoy some of the tracks on our Music page or catch up with us via Facebook for gig news so you can hear the songs for real and maybe pick up an awesome TDS T-shirt or two whilst you`re at it!

Two Dollar Salad are an outstanding, good-time, three-piece classic rock/funk outfit showcasing proven talent but not taking themselves too seriously. Grizzled, scratching rockers rather than cherubic lads clinging to amusing haircuts and forlorn attempts at facial hair. We have jeans round our arses like them but for reasons of girth, not mirth.

TDS are the ideal choice for pub and biker gigs, rock nights and classic oldie events - it`s classic fare, liberally stoked with seasoned dynamism (it says here). If the following selection is not your thing, Cowell might help you out as we`ve been at it too long to dress up and simper at the camera:

...and loads more as we`re constantly freshening things up.

We`re central-UK based but can and do travel. Please get in touch and check out the tracks/videos/pix on our web and FB sites. We look forward to meeting you. Put some beer in the fridge - we`re going to PARTY!!.

Please get in touch or check our Facebook page for upcoming gigs.

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